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Baggin' the big one!

Thomas Conner World Entertainment Writer May 28, 1998 The Bag Eyes band, Richard Sanders (left foreground), Shawn Sanders (at piano), Brad Walker (back left), John McDaniel (back right) and Chris Felthouse (on piano). World staff photo by Joe Iverson Area band lands two-page spread in Rolling Stone, spot on TV special Right now, Bag Eyes is the luckiest band in Green Country. The next time you hear a fan or a musician deride a Tulsa show is ``just another gig,'' hold up the example of Bag Eyes as inspiration for all. They played ``just another gig'' in Tulsa and wound up on national television. ``We just got extremely lucky,'' said one of Bag Eyes' two lead singers, Richard Sanders. ``We were in the right place at the right time.'' No kidding. On Nov. 15 -- just another Saturday night -- Bag Eyes showed up for their first-ever Tulsa gig at the city's breeding ground for up-and- coming alt-rock, the Eclipse. Club owner Khaled Ra