The Band

Richard Sanders - Vocals

Influences: Tom Waits, Manhole, Rob Zombie.
Preferred Paraphernalia: joint
Famous Words: You might have heard this next song on Homegroan,
who knows, you might be smokin home grown.

"I'm putting all my energies and hopes into this band, I really want to get our music out there."
Rolling Stone 30th Anniversary Special, May 28, '98

Brad Walker - Bass

Influences: Pink Floyd. Frank Zappa
Preferred Paraphernalia: pipe
Famous Words: Brad doesn't speak

"We"re into keeping it real to ourselves, no bullshit, having fun"
Infinity Press, June 98

Shawn Sanders - Guitar

Influences: The Police The Band
Famous Words: I'm too old for this shit
Preferred Paraphernalia: N/A

"It's about being yourself, thinking for yourself"
Urban Tulsa, July '98

John McDaniel - Drums

Influences: Phunk Junkies, Clutch
Preferred Paraphernalia: Blunt (of course )
Famous Words: I need some cornbread

"We all really love music and it's all I want to do at this point"
Claremore Progress, May '98

Chris Felthous - Vocals

Influences: Kiss, Biohazard, Pantera
Preferred Paraphernalia: bong
Famous Words: Not guilty

"Our music speaks for a lot of people, if it has to do with someone pushing you down, it has to do with you getting up"
Claremore Progress, May '98


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